Why rustic wooden shelves are great for your modern home

Even if you have a contemporary home or prefer modern styles, rustic shelves can still be incorporated into your design. Adding rustic wooden shelves to a modern room may help you create a space that stands out.

Adding a natural touch

If you have a newer home, you’ll probably want to design the interior to match the exterior architecture. For a better result try matching your design to the building’s architecture instead of going against it. Thus, if you go for a shabby-chic design in new construction, for example, the entire area might feel chaotic.
Just because you live in a newly-built apartment doesn’t mean your creativity has to be restricted. You still can stay true to your personal style. If you’re fed up with the same contemporary styles, try adding some rustic elements to your home, like wooden shelves. This will help add dimension and make your space more unique.
For example, our rustic shelves with metal brackets are a wonderful demonstration of how something vintage may be stunning when paired with more industrial-style features.

Practical & Stylish

Your home should look good while also allowing you to live comfortably. A combination of contemporary and rustic furniture and design can make sure your home is both good-looking and comfortable.
If you are looking for a rustic element to add to your home, shelves are the way to go. They are both practical and stylish. A beautiful, rustic wooden shelf display on your wall isn’t only a stunning decoration, but also provides extra space to showcase items like vases and books.
In your modern kitchen, for example, you might display your plates and glasses on rustic wooden shelves with brackets. You also get extra room for your mugs if you add hooks on the bottom.
Industrial Woodwork’s team of professionals also creates rustic floating shelves for plasterboard walls, which are ideal for the more contemporary house.

Don’t be restricted to a single style

Combining rustic and contemporary pieces in your home will produce a unique look that will make your space unique. You don’t have to limit yourself to one style when shopping for furniture or room accessories. Incorporating rustic pieces, like shelves, into a modern space can really make it come alive.
By mixing rustic and modern elements in your home, you can achieve the best of both worlds. By utilizing a variety of different designs, you can easily add both beauty and utility to your space.

Think outside the box

If you are inspired to add some rustic wooden shelves to your modern abode, we would love to help you with our outstanding industrial woodwork. Have a look at our solid wood rustic furniture. For your new lovely wood shelves with brackets, you may choose the design and wood type. Let your imagination run wild!
Industrial Woodwork is a longstanding, family-owned wood furniture business in the United Kingdom that creates handmade sustainable rustic shelves, workstations, and other furnishings.