Rustic interior design including rustic desks, industrial wall shelves, and industrial bar tables are the latest trend in home décor and commercial interior designing projects. Using rugged, earthly elements exudes warmth and looks very inviting.

Rustic shelf: The history of rustic design

The history of rustic design goes back to the time of early settlers in the US who made their homes at quite a distance from the city during the 19th century. Space was scarce, so it was vital to focus on saving space, especially when installing furniture. Some preferred not to add any furniture due to the space limitation.

Over time, rustic furniture such as shelves, desks, and tables became popular and people started having these in their homes, which brought a colonial look to the entire space.

Rustic shelf & industrial wall shelves: The definition of rustic style

Rustic interiors are defined by their ruggedness which is their unique feature. It creates a relaxing atmosphere and brings about a certain charm to the entire space. Rustic furniture highlighted the use of stone, leaves, wood, and other organic elements. Creating perfect lines was not the norm and the rugged look beat it all. From knots in the wood to rust on metal, rugged style celebrates character quite significantly.

Industrial bar tables: Characteristics of rustic design

The imperfect elements of rustic design are what creates a perfectly welcoming atmosphere.

Industrial wall shelves: Mixing rustic with contemporary

It is absolutely possible to mix rustic interior with contemporary design. The result is a unique design with an amazing look. It exudes the characteristics of rustic and contemporary designs. Industrial bar tables and industrial wall shelves use these interior design features.

Contemporary design is all about having the perfect lines while rugged interior design is the opposite. Therefore, a mix of the two can create a plethora of designs, especially for industrial wall shelves, tables, and desks.

Rustic shelf: Rustic vs. farmhouse

Mixing rustic design with farmhouse also creates a unique design. Rustic and farmhouse features are quite similar, so the result does not greatly deviate from the parent design. However, it does have a certain charm to it when installed in a given space. Farmhouse relies on refined elements with a few rough edges to add a charm.

Industrial bar tables, desks, & wall shelves

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