Unsurprisingly, DIY pipe shelves are trending on design blogs and Pinterest boards. They are fashionable, adaptable, and affordable. They’re also rather easy to make and install as do-it-yourself projects. Your toughest struggle will be committing to just one DIY pipe-shelf concept!

1. A Simple and Elegant Pipe Wall Shelf

This do-it-yourself wall unit is simple, strong, and beautiful. If you want anything that can withstand larger weights, such as these printers, anchoring to the wall is a wonderful idea. You won’t have to worry about banging on objects. Woven baskets are an excellent way to organize odds and ends in a pipe and wood shelf unit like this one. Add a few purely ornamental objects to lighten the appearance and make it more inviting. Another advantage of this design is that it may be as big or tall as you desire. The options are limitless!

2. Iron Pipe Bracketed Minimalist Floating Bar Shelves

Want to have a bar in your house but need more space? This floating shelf design is a chic option! This looks so good that you may want to go with a floating DIY pipe shelf concept for a bar, regardless of how large or tiny your property is. This project could not be simpler. You don’t need a weekend to do this task; you can complete it in an hour! All you need are the essential pipes and brackets, a sturdy wall mount, and a completed piece of wood. Arrange your glasses and liquor on the shelf to create a bar. Cheers!

3. Pipe L-Brackets with Wood Wall Shelving

This isn’t precisely a floating shelf, but it achieves a similar effect while displaying a touch of raw, industrial design. A shelf made of a pipe structured into an L-bracket is very secure. It isn’t easy to think that anything this beautiful can be constructed out of just a couple of pipes and a two-by-four, but here’s evidence! You may change the colour of the pipe to match your décor by using a different metal or painting it. You may also experiment with various wood finishes. A deeper finish would seem warm and manly. Whitewashing would go well with country design.

4. Portable Pipe and Wood Shelving System

This mobile shelf unit is giving me severe design envy! This is a fantastic illustration of how (nearly) raw wood and galvanized pipe furniture can suit the eccentric design well. This specific set of DIY pipe shelves is very clever since it is mobile! This makes it quite simple if you need to move items about in your house (for example, for a guest sleeping over or in a multipurpose area). Wheel the shelf unit to the desired location! You can easily move it out of the way, use it as a room divider, or replace it with another piece of furniture.

5. Pewter and Wood Shelves that are Warm and Inviting

One of the nicest things about DIY pipe industrial wall shelves is how customizable they are. Cut the wood to the length and breadth of your living area, and have the pipes cut to match. Take a peek at this wonderful floating bathroom shelf solution. Bathrooms may have weird nooks, crannies, and empty walls that might seem uncomfortable when naked. To spice up the room, add a couple of floating industrial wall shelves and some ingeniously camouflaged storage décor.

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