Enhance Your Space with Handmade Shelves: Industrial Elegance Meets Practical Functionality

Shelving might seem like a mere practicality to many, but in the world of interior design, they can be the silent heroes that bring character and charm to a room. Industrial Woodwork presents a range of shelves that not only serve as essential storage solutions but also epitomize the grace and rugged beauty of industrial design. From the sleek bar tables to the rustic bath trays, the choices are as varied as they are stunning. Here, we’ll focus on two of our special offers that are sure to capture the attention of design enthusiasts.

1. 15cm Deep Shelf Handmade Shelves – Solid Wood, 20mm Thick with Brackets and Fixings Included, Industrial Decor (£46.95)

These shelves are not merely functional; they are a statement of industrial art. At 15cm deep and 20mm thick, these handmade solid wood shelves come with brackets and fixings included, ensuring that they are ready to grace your walls with industrial charm.


  • Handmade Quality: Each shelf is handcrafted, ensuring a unique rustic touch.
  • Solid Wood Construction: Sturdy 20mm thick wood adds to the rugged appeal.
  • Ready to Install: With brackets and fixings included, installation is a breeze.
  • Affordable Luxury: Priced at £46.95, these shelves offer luxury within reach.

2. 30cm Deep Shelves Solid Wood Shelf Rustic Industrial with UP Style Steel Brackets, Custom Lengths Kitchen Shelves for Walls

Designed for those who seek a blend of rustic aesthetics with modern utility, these 30cm deep shelves are perfect for any room, be it the kitchen or the living room. The UP Style Steel Brackets add a contemporary twist to the otherwise industrial design.


  • Custom Lengths: Tailor the shelf to fit your specific needs and space.
  • UP Style Steel Brackets: These brackets not only provide support but also add a modern industrial aesthetic.
  • Rustic Industrial Appeal: The solid wood, combined with the unique design, invokes a sense of industrial history coupled with modern elegance.
  • Versatile Usage: Ideal for the kitchen, these shelves can seamlessly fit into any part of your home.


Whether you’re redesigning your kitchen or just looking to add a touch of industrial elegance to your living space, Industrial Woodwork has the perfect solution for you. With a range of handmade shelves, bar tables, bath trays, desks, and dining tables, the possibilities to infuse your space with character are endless.

These two offers, in particular, represent the best of what industrial design can offer. Practical, elegant, and steeped in craftsmanship, they bring a sense of authenticity to your home.